First Date Ideas: Fun Inexpensive Dates Any Homegirl Will Love

First dates can be intimiDATING (pun very much intended), there’s really nothing else like it! The rush of excitement and anxiety! The hope of new love and the fear of rejection! It’s exhilarating!…and terrifying at the same time. But don’t worry! Here is your easy guide to a fantastic first date!

Believe me, I know about all the meticulous planning that goes into first dates. I used to help my brothers figure out their first dates; I listened to them list ideas, weigh the pros and cons, and make a plan for every last detail! I mean, you want it to be enjoyable and impressive! But you also don’t want to go completely broke. That’s why I have compiled a list of unique, fun, and inexpensive dates that are sure to wow the ladies!

But first, let’s talk about what a first date is and is not.

It IS an opportunity to get to know someone better

The purpose of dating is to see if your lifestyle, interests, core beliefs and values match up in a way that would make you compatible! The best way to figure this out is to talk! Plan dates that allow conversations to flow naturally, and make sure there’s a good balance of talking between you two! Ask her questions and listen!

It IS fun!

Dating is supposed to be fun! So have fun with it! Be willing to embarrass yourself a little! Laugh! Make jokes! Let your inner child come out and stay true to yourself, she’ll love it!

It is NOT a marriage proposal

Don’t build all this unnecessary pressure up in your mind! This is not your one and only shot at love! It is not a huge commitment! It is just a date.

It is NOT a 4 to 5 hour event

You don’t want to drag it out, leaving your date desperately searching for an escape. As a general rule, keep your first dates no longer than two hours.

It is NOT an extravagant display of how much you are willing to invest in her

Save the fireworks for the marriage proposal boys! Creating big magical moments and spending a lot of money on a date may seem romantic, but it is actually more likely to make your date feel uncomfortable. Many girls get a weird sense of obligation when you dump a ton of money on them, and believe me you don’t want that, you want her to like you for you!

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, without further ado, here are the first date idea’s you’ve been waiting for!

Adventure Dates:

  • Hike (you can download the alltrails app to find cool hikes in your area!)
  • Floating (float down a river, it’s a big deal in Rexburg)
  • Rock climbing (my personal dream date)
  • Trampoline center
  • Axe throwing/archery

Competitive Dates:

  • Foosball, ping pong, pool
  • Arcade
  • Nerf battle!
  • Literally any sport

Sophisticated Dates:

  • Art gallery
  • Cultural exploration (look up local events!)
  • Museum
  • Local gardens (girls. love. plants.)
  • Aquarium
  • Butterfly exhibition

Artistic Dates:

  • Side walk chalk
  • Coloring books (buy coloring books and crayons and color together, seriously it’s like $2)
  • Guided art class
  • Try to paint emotions (listen to songs for emotional inspiration and try to paint it!)
  • Write a story together (don’t forget to illustrate it!)

Food Based Dates:

  • Fro yo/Ice cream
  • Cookies from a cookie store or local bakery
  • Soda shops
  • Try a new kind of food together (highly recommend Vietnamese or Palestinian)
  • Make your own popsicles, pizza, cake, whatever!

Out of Your Comfort Zone Dates:

  • Go to a thrift store and pick out each other’s outfits
  • Karaoke!
  • Dancing! Swing, country line, salsa, jazz, etc.

And remember! The person you are with is much more important than the activity you do.

What fun first date idea’s do YOU have??

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