The Worst Breakfast For The Best Mom

One mother’s day, I saw this cute breakfast idea in a magazine. They had a picture featuring pancakes that were cut out to spell the word “MOM” with other beautifully placed food.

Now, my mom is a difficult person to shop for. She doesn’t care much for gifts, and it seemed like anything she did want (like a road bike) were outside of my budget. So when I saw this mothers day breakfast idea, I was excited and committed to try it out!

The day before mothers day, I asked my mom what time she usually woke up. She told me she usually got up at 7am. So I made plans to wake up at 6am so I would have time to prepare the special breakfast for my beloved Momma.

Now, it’s important to take note that I am not always the best planner and I tend to jump into things expecting them to just work out.

So I woke up and realized that I didn’t actually know how to make pancakes… or anything else really (I was like, 10?). So instead, I toasted some bread. I even buttered it! And cut it out to spell MOM. It seemed pretty lame to just give her toast, so I also poured her a bowl of cereal and I added the milk for her too!

It was around this time I realized it was only about 6:20, so I decided to wait a while for her to wake up.

She did not wake up.

After what seemed like a long time (but, you know, probably 4 minutes) I headed upstairs to my moms room with her special MOM toast that was now cold and soggy cereal. Much earlier than she probably wanted to get up that morning.


There we were, sitting on her bed. I was quite proud of myself, happily watching my exhausted mother actually eat the pathetic little breakfast I had prepared for her. She even pretended it was good!

And this is precisely what makes mom’s so special.

Mothers continuously put aside what they want for what will be best for their children. They make countless sacrifices and give up a part of their lives to be mothers.

My mom spent many nights cleaning up my barf and many days taking me to museums and other events to give me fun learning experiences. She spent hours reading to me and my siblings at night, and experienced my wrath when she couldn’t keep her eyes open enough to read any more chapters of Harry Potter.

Even when I was a snobby teenager, and I was embarrassed by her and didn’t want to talk to her or acknowledge her existence, she was there for me. Every time I stepped up to a starting line, I knew my Momma was in the bleachers to watch me race and cheer me on.

I’ve also watched her devote her life to grandchildren, as well as serving other children through her profession. And she is still there for me when I have a question about adult stuff (like seeing the dentist) or when I want to get her opinion about a decision I need to make.

I know that no matter what, she will always love me. She has the ability to see the best in me (as well as my brothers and sisters). She believes in us, even when we don’t believe in ourselves.

She is a living example of what D. Todd Christofferson said: “There is not a higher good than motherhood…There is no superior career, and no amount of money, authority, or public acclaim can exceed the ultimate rewards of family.”

I know that nothing could have replaced my Momma! And I’m grateful that she has lovingly endured all the cold toast and soggy cereal I have served her throughout my life.

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